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PC Donations

TDI Connect Needs 500+ Computers for Trenton Students

TDI Connect is seeking donations of at least 500 computers to supply the Trenton Literacy Movement's 300 plus elementary school students who wish to continue their online reading programs at home, the Mercer Street Friends Parenting Program, and several other Trenton-based programs for the community. (See the Press Release)

TDI Connect accepts donated computers (Windows) with these specifications:

  • 64-bit processor
  • Core Duo and above
  • 2GB RAM or more; many have 4GB or more
  • With or without a hard drive

TDI Connect accepts donated computers (Macs) with these specifications:

  • Intel chip sets
  • Macs from no earlier than 2011
  • 4GB of memory or more
  • with or without a hard drive

The computers are refurbished by our trained volunteers.

To discuss donations, please contact:

Data Overwriting and Destruction

An issue for some equipment donors is the ability to ensure that any residual data is effectively made inaccessible. TDI Connect has four approaches to gain the required level of data erase and security.

TDI Connect machines are all loaded with the Xubuntu variant of the Linux operating system. Whatever approach to data destruction best suits our donors, the Xubuntu operating system is always loaded on the machines. The loading of the operating system reformats the hard drive for the Xubuntu operating system. This TDI Connect standard operating procedure provides a standard removal of all data from the hard drive.

For more details on data destruction options, see our Data Overwriting and Destruction document.