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PC Donations

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED...    With Covid19 we are experiencing a significant increase in requests for PCs. Our immediate needs are:
  • LAPTOPS are our primary need at the moment (see the specs. below)
  • Desktops (see the specs. below)
  • Flat Screen Monitors (that support DVI, VGA or HDMI connections) and connectors
  • Power Cords (for desktops and monitors)
  • USB Mice and USB Keyboards

Every donation counts. Thank you.

Contact us at or call Ray Ingram at 609-462-2933

SPECIFICATIONS... TDI Connect accepts:

  • Laptops or desktops (Apple, MS, or Chrome) with an Intel I3 processor (or ADM Ryzen 3) or above
  • 4GB or more of memory

If you do not know the year of manufacture or processor and memory:

  • On a Mac to determine origin date and processor, go to the Apple symbol and select "about this Mac."
  • On a PC, find the model number and the serial number on the case and go to the manufacturer site (Dell, HP, etc), go to support and enter the appropriate info and the specs will be displayed

Preparing and Securing Your PC(s) for Donation

Today's environment involves a lot of software programs and cloud-based information and sevices that are beyond the basic operating system. To ensure your data, installed software and cloud-based linkages are completely removed from your PC(s), please follow the Microsoft and Apple guidelines and go through the described "factory reset" process.

This guarantees ALL of your personal data, software and cloud-linkages are completely removed from the PC(s) and that the PC(s) are in perfect condition to be donated.